2109, 2020

Managing Pandemic Fatigue

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“Is this normal?”  “Is anyone else experiencing this?” “Is there any advice you can give me on how to manage?” “I’m getting all this pressure to produce from above – I don’t see how [...]

2711, 2018

Coaching as a Change Practitioner

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The word "coaching" gets thrown around a lot, but I find that not everybody means the same thing when they say it. As my profile grew as a change practitioner, I was increasingly asked [...]

307, 2018

The Power of Shared Intent

Categories: Change Management|

Travel, for me, is like breathing—it’s a necessity. I thrive from the change in context and the chance to broaden my perspective. It renews me in a way that nothing else seems to. It [...]

405, 2018

Inspired by Young Leadership

Categories: Leadership|

Earlier this month, I learned my blog post, "Inspired by Young Leadership", was to be featured on Training Industry's website. I was honored, as this post is especially dear to my heart because it [...]

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