Changed for the better.

Client Testimonials

[The Sparks Group] and I dug in to generate new insights about the connection between my beliefs and my behavior, and how those beliefs/behaviors were working for me, and how they weren’t … with their support and accountability I made real gains making the changes that were important to me. For anyone considering working with a coach, you can’t go wrong with [The Sparks Group]. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Shelli Brunswick, COO, The Space Foundation
[The Sparks Group] challenged me to consider my values and goals… in ways I likely [would not have] challenged myself. They became a trusted friend, confidant, and advisor. I will forever be grateful for all that they’ve done for me.

David W. Dougherty, MD, MBA Medical Director, DFCI Network Dana Farber Cancer Institute

What I am most impressed with about Jessica Bronzert isn’t what she knows how to do, it is who she is.  More than anything else, it’s the strength of character she brings to her work and the presence she conveys when interacting with others that distinguishes her. She boldly presents who she is and how she can provide value. In doing so, she accelerates the process of matching herself with those she can assist in meaningful ways… Anyone seeking a resource to help them navigate change would do with to partner with her.

Daryl Conner, Chairman, Conner Partners

The Sparks Group is the total package and has been an instrumental part of my career for over five years. I first got to know [the team] when they played a critical role in an enterprise-wide transformational change we were both involved in at a Fortune 50 company. Leading workshops or consulting with leaders and teams, they had terrific presence, using their knowledge and personal experience to drive home the concepts and help us carry the value forward into our work. Later, I had the opportunity to work with them [in a coaching capacity]. My coaching work with them has truly been life changing, helping me to make critical shifts in how I think about myself and my work. I continue to meet with [the team] to help me look at challenges from different perspectives and to see where I may be getting in my own way. I can’t recommend The Sparks Group enough.

Julie Yenichekv, Founder & CEO, Petrol Fuel for Dogs

I’ve worked with Jessica for a long time now and asked her to present to Bank of America’s executive coaching community of practice. Her presentation was excellent. Drawing on her two primary areas of expertise – change management and coaching – she articulated the key roles people play in the change process and took a deep dive into the leadership role, describing the common challenges and how to overcome them using a coaching approach. Her presentation style is dynamic and engaging and we received great feedback from our community. If you’ve got change happening in your organization (who doesn’t?) or you are building a coaching culture, Jessica is your partner of choice. I highly recommend her.

Aaron Less, VP Leadership Development Consultant, Bank of America

Jessica successfully coached me in developing my skills as a visionary leader and change agent. She helped me to experience leadership from a state of mindfulness flow that energizes me and my colleagues – allowing all of us to accomplish things we could not have previously imagined. Jessica was able to provide concrete ideas and skills to gently help course-correct when necessary – without judgment. She helped me focus on what I want to accomplish in my lifetime through my professional leadership by facilitating the unification between my authentic self and my leader self.

Karen Mustian, Ph.D, MPH, ACSM, Associate Professor, University of Rochester

As the inventors of Bubble WrapTM, we have been transforming the world of small parcel packaging since 1959. We recently engaged The Sparks Group to help us redesign our global organization to best deliver value to the surging eCommerce fulfillment market sector we serve, and this decision made all the difference. [Their] highly personalized approach made the process fun, collaborative and insightful, and we ended up with a better result than we ever could have imagined going into the process. Their combination of organizational design and organizational behavior expertise was exactly what we needed.

Kenneth Chrisman, President, Product Care Division, Sealed Air