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From an idea, blossomed a new approach to executive coaching, change management, and leadership development.

After years of guiding corporations through complex change strategies, Jessica Bronzert recognized the need for a firm committed to helping leaders and teams develop the capacity and skills they need to be successful. She answered that need in 2015, opening the Sparks Group and assembling a team of experts passionate about igniting growth within clients like yourself. Learn more about the firm’s beginnings in the video.

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Meet the Team

Our team of experts each possess specialized training in Strategic Planning & Change Execution, Vertical Leadership Development, Executive & Transition Coaching and Inclusive Leadership.

Jessica in green dress smiling

Jessica Bronzert

As the Founder and President of The Sparks Group, Jessica Bronzert is passionate about helping leaders and teams develop the capacity and skills they need to be successful. Motivated by the diversity of the human experience and organizational life, Jessica employs specialized change and coaching training, and years of corporate and nonprofit experience across a vast array of industries to help clients make changes that make a difference.

Alan Heymann, Esq., ACC

Alan Heymann, Esq., ACC

Inspired by his experience with an executive coach, Alan Heymann underwent his own transformational change, becoming a coach after two decades working within public, government and nonprofit communications. Now, as an executive coach, Alan focuses on Leadership Coaching, Emerging Leader Development and Strategic Communications to help inspire positive societal change.

Janice Darling

Janice Darling

With 25+ years of experience, Janice Darling applies her quantitative education, global business expertise, and execution skills to successfully guide clients through transformational changes. She works with business leaders to prepare a holistic and structured approach to execute changes, providing creative solutions, relevant tools, and timely advice to help them reach their potential.

Craig Stanton, PCC

Craig Stanton, PCC

A professional coach since 2012 and faculty member of multiple university-level executive leadership programs, Craig Stanton has supported individuals looking to deepen and accelerate their personal growth, from emerging leaders to C-suite executives. He partners with clients to view their situations unimpeded, allowing them to identify behaviors that accelerate or detract from personal effectiveness.

Gina Columna, MBA, PCC

Gina Columna, MBA, PCC

As a Professional Certified Coach with over 25 years of experience, Gina Columna applies her balanced and holistic approach to help clients effectively navigate the transitions and changes that executives encounter today. She challenges them to examine their beliefs, behaviors and reality in order to break free of existing paradigms and reach new heights of success.

Linda Hoopes, Ph.D.

Linda Hoopes, Ph.D.

Award-winning author and executive coach Dr. Linda Hoopes brings over 25 years of experience in psychology and organizational change to her work. With a focus on resilience, she helps individuals, teams, and organizations develop the habits necessary to effectively use their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy to respond to challenges with grace while simultaneously improving their performance levels.

Shamar Terrell

Shamar Terrell has 15+ years’ of experience in developing and elevating the skill sets of seasoned and emerging leaders. His approach is part art and part experiential. He tailors his style and cadence to his client, which allows him to work with diverse clients in various roles. His approach is also part science, using evidence-based techniques to help clients, increase mindfulness and focus, make changes, and achieve goals that have eluded them in the past.

Randy Chittum, Ph.D.

Randy Chittum, Ph.D.

Committed to individual learning and talent development, Dr. Randy Chittum utilizes his 25+ years of experience to work with executives and managers worldwide in a variety of organizational settings. Specializing in leadership development and organization development, he works best when “playing in traffic” – a metaphor he uses to describe his favored approach to work.

Alison Farmer, PCC

Alison Farmer, PCC

A graduate of Georgetown University’s leadership coaching program and an ICF-certified coach, Alison Farmer leverages her 20+ years of experience to help clients increase their self-awareness, manage their reactive tendencies, adapt their communication styles, and create a shared vocabulary so teams can collaborate more effectively. She credits her ability to absorb and distill complex information into easily understood parts as one of her coaching superpowers.

Sarah Hyche headshot

Sarah Hyche, MBA, CPCC, PCC

An accomplished leadership consultant and executive coach, Sarah Hyche utilizes her 20 years of broad-based business experience to advise business professionals in career advancement and leadership strategies. She partners with clients to not only accelerate personal and professional performance but to exponentially expand leadership capacity.

Akasha Saunders, PCC

Akasha Saunders, PCC

With over 10 years as a professional coach, Akasha Saunders’ experience and deep interest in authentic leadership, mindfulness, and intercultural consciousness allows him to partner with clients to not only expand their own purpose and capacity, but to help them expand their team’s as well. He integrates these practices with principles from adult stage development, inclusive leadership, and complexity fitness to further support clients on their journey.

Patrick McLean

Patrick McLean

An award-winning creative director and author with experience in a wide-variety of markets, Patrick McLean coaches executives to develop their message and presence, guiding them to become more powerful and authentic communicators. He focuses on distilling the complex to help brands tell their story, clearly, accurately and with authority, ultimately helping to increase sales.

Ronni Fridman closeup

Ronni Fridman

Recognized by her colleagues as an exceptional listener, problem solver, coach and advisor, Ronni Fridman has over 30 years of experience building organizational capacity across a wide array of industries. She holds numerous professional credentials and is certified to utilize multiple assessment tools in the pursuit of identifying and developing talent to increase organizational capacity and competitive advantage.

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Diane Morrison

With over 20+ years in leadership and organizational development, Diane Morrison’s direct, but thoughtful approach leverages her experience in a wide variety of markets to help clients reach their objectives. She guides clients through an exploratory process, encouraging them to isolate the emotions and mindset that impede their goals while also identifying the solutions that will help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Emily Moore smiling in blue blouse

Emily Moore

Emily Moore is best known as the glue that holds the team together. She loves supporting our clients on their journey with us. She works diligently to ensure preparedness for training sessions, guides clients through their assessment processes and coordinates calendars, from Brussels, New York, California and back. Prior to joining The Sparks Group, she spent 13 years supporting military programs as a corporate consultant, on-site contractor and Air Force Civilian.

Marvin Chambers, MBA, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

As an Executive Coach, Talent Strategist, Global Speaker/Facilitator and trusted HR Advisor with over 25-years of experience, Marvin Chamber’s mission/purpose is to coach, teach, mentor, and empower leaders to be the best versions of themselves. He helps executives to embrace the notion that they do not have to fit into the world, but instead, let the world know who they are and allow the world to fit around them.

Courtney Peterson

Courtney Peterson, an unapologetic people champion, applies her training in cultural competency, a passion for equity and belonging, and over 20 years of senior leadership experience as an award-winning chief human resources officer to her work as an ICF-certified leadership coach.

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  • Leadership Circle Profile
  • Leadership Culture Survey

Resilience Alliance

  • Personal Resilience Profile
  • Team Resilience Profile

Center for Creative Leadership

  • Benchmarks 360

Vertical Development Academy

  • Maturity Assessment Profile

Minds at Work

  • Subject Object Interview

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