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At The Sparks Group, we build your capacity—not just your skills—to make the changes that make a difference to you, your organization, and the world around you.

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Alison Farmer, Vice President Talent Acquisition & Development, Aquent

"While I'm not privy to what happens in Jessica's coaching conversations with my employees, I definitely see the results. She's helped one of my top performers move beyond simply technical skill development to target personal growth areas in a way that's had a huge impact on her success, confidence and - I believe - happiness. While I'd love to be able to do this personally for each of my employees, sometimes as a manager I'm spread too thin - or am too close to the situation - to coach without bias. I love that Jessica has been able to hop in and help partner with me in the development of my people!"

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At The Sparks Group, we create customized executive coaching, change management, and leadership development solutions focused on growing skills and capacity while sparking meaningful change in leaders, teams, and organizations.

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