Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is the best kind of developmental support for leadership growth. The process is customized to the leader's and organization’s needs and creates a safe, sustained, and accountable space for change to happen. Coaching can also be used for groups or teams.

An individual might benefit from coaching if:

  • Are newly promoted or are preparing to be promoted.
  • Possess the skills but they need to “show up” differently.
  • Have one key thing holding them back.
  • Are burned out and questioning how to recover.
  • Are in a disrupted market and a new mindset is required.
  • Are unsure about future career direction and how to prepare.

A group might benefit from coaching if:

  • Multiple people need coaching.
  • A collective, shared experience is important.
  • Budget is a consideration.
  • Embedding coaching skills in organization is important.
  • “Once and done” isn’t enough.

Team coaching may be right if:

  • An intact team is in charge of delivering breakthrough results.
  • Development needs to be integrated into the team’s work.
  • Team dynamics are critical for success.
  • Progress needs to be accelerated.

Change Management

Maybe you’re a leader responsible for delivering a game-changing initiative. Maybe you’ve started down the road to change and it isn’t going well. Maybe you need your employees to not only behave differently but also think differently. Maybe a coming disruption is truly significant (i.e., layoffs and restructure), but the show must go on. Whatever the scenario, the stakes are high and success is non-negotiable. The traditional change management approach of “training and communication” is not going to cut it—you need more.

You might need dedicated change management support if:

  • Multiple, overlapping changes are happening simultaneously.
  • The company culture and the change conflict with each other.
  • People need to think differently, not just behave differently.
  • What’s needed is transformational, not incremental.
  • The change is a business imperative, not a “nice to have”.
  • Realizing the full intended benefits of the change, not just the installation, is necessary (i.e., an IT implementation—just turning it on doesn’t get it done.)

Leadership Development

Leadership development is about building new skills, awareness and perspectives to achieve improved results. It’s also an asset if you need to tackle a specific leadership challenge or develop general capacity.

Your company may benefit from leadership development programs if:

  • You want to grow leadership capacity and skills using ground-breaking thinking.
  • You want to develop coaching skills and a coaching culture.
  • You need to increase employee resilience to take on more with less disruption.
  • You are interested in improving teamwork and cross-functional deliverables.
  • You want to develop an internal change management function.
  • You want to effectively train change leaders and change agents to perform their roles.

VP, Fortune 50 Company

"Jessica's team building and facilitation approach is insightful in identifying and addressing problems and results in long term improvement to team relationships. As a facilitator Jessica displays an easy going and matter of fact approach, uses language everyone understands when presenting new materials and shares personal examples revealing her own vulnerabilities. Her unique approach gains trust quickly, draws out meaningful dialogue, breaks down barriers and identifies issues. She is a sincere and active listener, always. I have observed her reading the mood of the room and quickly shifting her approach when necessary. She seems to have her antennae up at all times, increasing her ability to pin point problems and address them in the moment in a non-threatening way with the group or one on one with an individual."

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