Our Approach

Our coaching, change management, and leadership development efforts are customized because you, the client— as the expert in your work, life, and development – always define the agenda and desired outcomes with our support. Our programs enable you (and your team) to gain new insights while improving your results, and doing it with a greater sense of ease and fulfillment.

Our philosophy is informed by two major beliefs:

The first is that the human and organizational dynamics of change are predictable and can be leveraged to the benefit of the initiative(s), the business, and people themselves. Chances of success are greatly improved when initiatives are deployed with consideration for the patterns of inherent risk, the importance of change roles, and what full realization of the change looks like.

The second belief is that capacity is just as important as the skills someone has. But what is capacity? Capacity can be thought of as the “operating system” on which skills, or “applications” are run. For example, adding lots of apps to a smartphone with an outdated operating system is an exercise in futility. The same concept applies to human capacity. Leaders can focus on adding new skills, but unless the underlying capacity for managing change and complexity is developed as well, the results will be mediocre at best. Effective coaching and leadership development efforts focus on skills and capacity.

These two beliefs come together as research shows that a certain level of human capacity is a prerequisite for success in leading transformational change.

Whatever modality you need (coaching, change consulting or leadership development), we will help you or your team:

  • Fully diagnose and understand root cause(s).
  • Establish unique goals and outcomes.
  • Design and deliver a comprehensive solution.
  • Provide resources, structure and accountability to ensure results.

Jen Riser, Director Creative Delivery, Lowe's Home Improvement

"Honestly I can't thank you enough. I feel like your guidance has launched me into a completely different hemisphere."

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