Vertical Development: Preparing Leaders for an Increasingly Complex World

What We Do

We help organizations develop the leaders they need to thrive now and in the future by focusing on how leaders think, not just what they know.

The world is getting more complex and changing faster than ever. The demands on leaders have increased, yet the approach to developing leaders hasn’t evolved, it’s still focused on skills and competencies. This is called “horizontal development,” and it’s not only uninspiring, these skills become less important as leadership levels rise. This leaves many leaders and organizations ill-equipped to survive let alone thrive in a challenging, rapidly changing business environment.

A new approach is overdue, and we believe that approach is “vertical development.”

The vertical development framework describes the predictable stages of how adults mature. It is about navigating complexity, taking multiple perspectives, self-reflecting and adjusting, and holding opposing ideas simultaneously. A leader’s stage of vertical development is highly correlated with their leadership effectiveness and business results.

The Sparks Group offers assessments, executive coaching, and leadership development solutions to encourage vertical development, maximize clients’ leadership capacity, and enable them to achieve the best possible results.

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Benefits We Offer

Develop the leadership capacity – not just skills – to thrive in today’s complex marketplace

Align and integrate leadership development with everything else in your business

Gain a new perspective on how to solve your toughest people challenges

Get a real return on your leadership development investment

Banish boring, ineffective leadership workshops