Designing and facilitating impactful change.

What We Do

Make the changes that make a difference to you, your organization, and the world.

Exponential change and increased complexity are the biggest challenges facing organizations today, and changing a business requires fundamentally different leadership than just running one. Additionally, most companies treat organizational change and leadership development as two separate efforts, but both are driven by a need to stay relevant in an evolving marketplace.

Make these challenges a strategic advantage with customized solutions at the intersection of change and leadership focused on growing capacity, not just skills. Taking an integrated view of change and leadership is a simple yet elegant approach that leverages your resources and achieves results faster and more effectively.

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Benefits We Offer

Deliver the full business benefits of the changes you undertake

Grow leadership capacity to navigate industry and market disruptions

Build organizational capacity for transformation, enabling faster and more effective change

Prevent employee overload, unproductive behavior, and costly mistakes

Align the culture to engage employees and deliver on business strategy

Our Areas of Practice

Vertical Leadership Development

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Vertical development is a game changer that few people know about.

Traditional leadership development is broken because it is focused almost exclusively on skill acquisition. Skills and competencies (horizontal development) are limited as leadership interventions in fast-changing and complex environments.

Instead, vertical development is growing capacity for systems thinking, seeing multiple perspectives, and observing and adjusting one’s own thinking and behavior. Applying the fundamentals of vertical development to today’s business challenges is a cutting-edge approach that encourages leaders to evolve conscious thought and leadership capacity.

Strategic Planning and Change Execution

Leveraging exponential change and complexity starts at the beginning. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. Indeed, most organizations fail to clearly articulate the desired future state. We help senior teams create understanding, commitment, and alignment around the future and articulate it so the rest of the organization can get on board.

From there, change execution brings the vision to life, with a focus on Portfolio – managing all of your initiatives at an enterprise level, People – managing resistance and building commitment to new ways of thinking and behaving, Culture – aligning the practices and processes to support the change, and Resilience – building the human energy to make change successful.

Executive and Transition Coaching

Coaching is intended to support leaders in aligning their behaviors with achieving the results that are most important to them and their organization. It is a discovery-based process offering clients the lead role in finding creative solutions. Working with a coach is a unique opportunity to unpack thinking around challenges, clarify the obstacles and choices, and discover new possibilities for action. Professional coaches use inquiry, curiosity, gentle provocations, and challenges – all in the service of inspiring clients to stretch into their best capacities.

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Several beliefs underpin coaching:

  • Clients are whole, wise, resourceful and highly knowledgeable about the nature of their own personal and professional development
  • A holistic approach, attentive to the leader’s interior life and how their interior reality is expressed through their physical presence and behaviors
  • The relevance of the dynamics of the organizational, cultural, and/or other systems within which the leader leads

Hands on top of each other in unityInclusive Leadership

Diversity and inclusion issues are more relevant than ever, and companies that leverage diversity as a strategic advantage reap the bottom line benefits. We meet organizations where they are, aligning diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies to relevant talent strategies such hiring and compensation to ensure a consistent approach and experience across the organization.