Vertical development is the radical idea that “how we think” is just as, if not more, important than “what we know.” It offers a way to grow leadership capacity to meet the increased complexity and rate of change in the world around us.

Our new whitepaper lays out the business case for vertical development and introduces a framework you can use to lightly hypothesize where you might be on your own leadership journey toward vertical growth.  This is a topic Jessica Bronzert, Founder and CEO, is personally passionate about and is a focus of our work at The Sparks Group.  Topics include:

  • Navigating complexity
  • Considering multiple perspectives
  • Self-reflecting and adjusting
  • Holding opposing views simultaneously

What’s stopping you from helping your organization’s leaders reach their fullest potential? Download the whitepaper today and/or schedule a complimentary call with us to learn how The Sparks Group can help.